Review: Starboy Album (Quarter 2)

Within a day of its release on Nov. 25, Starboy was the number one album in over 80 countries.

In an interview with Billboard, The Weeknd disclosed that he “tried to find different registers that [he] hadn’t sung in before.”

The “Starboy” Album is a mix of electronic pop and alternative R&B. His songs have a very similar taste, with strong beats behind a smooth voice. However, I felt that the album as a whole was just repetition of the same beat with varying pitch and pace.


I can see why others rave over the song “Starboy.” It posses a sleek and professional feel accompanied by all of The Weeknd’s other songs. I think this is a good song to chill or jam out in the car with your friends.

2. “Rockin’”

When I first heard this song, it sounded vaguely familiar, similar to a song that would be played at stores like Abercrombie. It is another upbeat song that puts everyone in a good mood.


“Secrets is a song that was totally unexpected to come from The Weeknd. It is a combination of both upbeat and soothing, that I would listen to when I’m just chilling in my room.

4. “True Colors”

This song is perfect for listening to right before you go to sleep or while cooling down after a workout.

5. “Sidewalks”

“Sidewalks” would have to be my favorite song out of this album. It takes a step away from the norm, sounding like a mix of music from a pop band with electronic. The overall Kendrick Lamar’s rap makes this song different from The Weeknd’s other songs. I think the controversial autotune strengthened this song’s electronic feel.

6. “Six Feet Under”

This song is similar to The Weeknd’s previous songs, with his sleek voice over strong beat, accompanied by an addictive chorus.

7. “Love to Lay”

A different backbeat caught me off guard, and this song was refreshing, in a way, after listening to an album full of darker songs. I would definitely recommend this song to anyone searching for a lighthearted song in this album.



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