Feature: How to prepare for the upcoming school year (Quarter 4)

Although students can kick off summer vacation full of anticipation and excitement, the prevalent tension accompanied with the upcoming school year is inevitable.

Many students plan to study ahead or stock up on school supplies over the summer.

“I prepare by studying; no such thing as getting too ahead. I also drown my sorrows in food,” said junior Drew Vallero

Sophomore Kate Johnson likes to “hibernate and eat and go to OfficeMax and buy paper when it’s cheaper,” as she believes that summer vacation serves as a “Black Friday” for school supplies.

Junior Hoda Balla also tries to buy all her school supplies a few weeks before school. “Every summer, I also plan out standardized testing dates and sign up for them,” she said.

Student athletes can train over summer vacation to meet their goals for the following school year.

Sophomore Zach Ringer plans on “working on volleyball over the summer [to make it to] varsity next year.”

Students can also participate in summer internships or jobs.

Senior Nate Burmas is working at the UCD Veterinary Science Center over the summer.

He started working there last summer to gain experience in the field because he wants to run her own research in the future.

Burmas believes that through his internship, he gained “a lot of lab techniques and a ton of connections. Also [a publication of work I did in the lab], which is a huge benefit.”

College visits are also commonly done over summer vacation.

Junior Lili Kunimoto is planning on visiting several colleges she is interested in applying to over the summer.

“My dad and I are driving to Scripps, Harvey Mudd, and all the other [colleges] in that area and staying in a hotel for a couple nights,” she said.

Kunimoto is considering to apply to those colleges and want to be able to talk to administration and see the campus so she can narrow down her choices.

Students involved in community service clubs, such as Key Club, NHS, or CSF can complete hours over the summer to fulfill their hour requirements before the school year starts.

Balla is an active member of CSF and Key Club. She tries to complete her required community service hours during the summer so she can submit them at the beginning of next year.

CSF usually does not provide events or volunteering opportunities for our members during the summer.

“What you can do however, is go on the Davis City website and go to the volunteering section and I’m sure they’ll have some things going on during the summer,” CSF project coordinator Yuliya Monastyrska said.




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